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You Drive find the perfect balance on "Home in My Love"

You Drive is the perfect example of a yin and yang balance presented through music. The vibey new collaboration blends the highly conceptual, experimental synth explorations of Matthew Pusti (better known as Makeup and Vanity Set) with the smooth pop vocals of Jasmin Kiset. On new single “Home in My Love,” they achieve just the right balance of synth-pop that is both ethereal, robotic and exploratory - yet familiar. The accompanying music video is a subtle head nod to synth-pop pioneers, New Order, and their 1985 video for “The Perfect Kiss.” Check out both below!

Stark and simple, each visualization takes place in a singular room with close-ups on the band in a semi-futuristic nature. Taking a cue from their heroes, You Drive provides a video that is as mesmerizing and modular as the music itself. 

You may also be wondering how a masked analog, avant-garde magician was able to team up with an evocative, character-driven songwriter. It all started in their home base of Nashville where Pusti would send Kaset instrumental tracks for her to compose lyrics and add her own melodic flair. Soon the two conjured up a full-length record that embodies a fully-realized expression of all they had set out to create. Encapsulating vivid glimpses into a relationship, it is filled with rapture, melancholy, hesitation, and remembrance.

It seems like this is just the beginning of a beautiful partnership that will only blossom with time as long as they keep their balance. You Drive's self-titled debut is out now on yk Records.

Connect with You Drive: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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