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PUSHER and Caroline Kole shows us fierce passion in "BTDT" [Premiere]

The maker of colourful, glittery music, Toronto-based producer PUSHER has released a collaboration track with vivacious songstress Caroline Kole for an even more alluring dance track filled with shimmering effervescence. 

EARMILK is ecstatic to premiere their track "BTDT", with official release slated for tomorrow, September 28th.

An electro-pop fuelled song, "BTDT" is a shining conglomeration of the duo's sonic repertoire. PUSHER's signature 'neon' style - one that incorporates elements of trap, pop, 90's R&B and jazz, is the foundation of the track, expertly paving the way for Caroline's robust vocals to shine in the spotlight. Resoundingly uplifting, the track is a passionate testament of how fierce one can be faced when faced with tumultuous situations in love - a powerful anthem of moving on and forwards. Capturing these striking feelings into an infectious beat, the duo are astute in drawing listeners into their rainbow castle of candor.

In talking about the track, PUSHER notes, "Caroline has such a powerful voice and is such a fun person and performer. I’m very excited to be releasing ‘BTDT' with her. In a lot of ways, 2018 has been a year of empowerment for women, and I think her lyrics are a fresh, fun, poppy reflection of that zeitgeist. I hope fans of Caroline and myself (and the as yet unfamiliar) enjoy the song half as much as we enjoyed putting it together.”

Caroline also agrees and says, “BTDT' was a lot of fun to write, and I’m so excited that Pusher and I get to put this track out into the universe and even play a few shows together in the coming months!”

Connect with PUSHER: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook
Connect with Caroline Kole: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

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