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Nue impresses on new project “u met me at a strange time”

Toronto’s Nue is carving his own lane. He first got on the scene with his impressive debut tape “IROQUOIS” early 2017. Since then, he’s been releasing singles, videos, and cultivating a fanbase. The release of “u met me at a strange time” comes right after Nue’s Canadian tour in support of Fetty Wap. 

“u met me at a strange time” is a sonically cohesive project, where Nue expreiments with some interesting melodies and mastering his own unique sound. We hear him being so strikingly vulnerable, open and transparent. The 10-track project has us journeying with Nue as each track flows seamlessly on to the next. He holds his own, with no features - showcasing remarkable ability. 

Standout tracks on the project include “Deathstar”, “Chances” and “emotions”.“Deathstar” is the track you’re most possibly going to hear at a party or club, with distinct eerie and lively production. This is a track that's bound to blow up for Nue.

“Chances” has a hook that is so cleverly catchy and a bounce to the production that you can’t help but bump. Unlike the other 2 tracks, “emotions” is a lot darker, more vulnerable and an absolutely mesmerizing track.

Connect with Nue: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify



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