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Naja Young shows flexibility on 'Stretching' EP

Naja Young is a name that’s set to be on everybody’s lips in 2018. The singer songwriter based in Union City, Jersey has been crafting a unique sound she could call her own for some time and since the release of her standout video “Cycles” Naja has been touted as one of hip-hop's freshest new talents.

This week she makes her debut on our pages with her latest project titled Stretching, and her music feels just as good as the name itself. The EP's warm energies and personable cadences make for a comprehensive image of the trials and tribulations that Naja Young encounters on a daily basis. The moody yet captivating production molded by John Mateo, BrainOrchestra and Shaidtha13th truly compliment Naja’s unique vocals, alongside doses of honest and emotional songwriting. 

The six-track project drifts up and down the scales in lilting, soft vocals, lyrics both conversant and evocative. It will be interesting to see what the New Jersey songstress has planned for 2018, because if Stretching is any indicator, she might just be one of your go-to not just for nice sounding tracks but amazing lyricism as well.

Connect to Naja Young: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram



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