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NAATIONS exhibits their high-tempo production prowess in debut EP 'Teardrop'

Pensively reflecting on life and love's purpose through infectious beats and sonic intensity, LA-based Australian duo NAATIONS have unveiled their impressive debut EP Teardrop amidst their steady and fast ascension into the foray of dance music. The first half of a two-part EP series, Teardrop is a 6-track production filled with the pair’s freshest tracks, including their brand-new collaboration "Long Time" with rapper iLoveMakkonen and other previously released singles.

Teardrop serves as an aural embodiment of NAATIONS’ high-tempo production prowess, robust vocals and powerful lyricism. The EP’s ‘teardrop’ and ‘star’ concept as seen on the cover, represents ‘the light and the dark’ - the two sides of their inspiration during the creative process. It's evidently heard through their carefully curated collection of passionate songs, each embodying varying intensities of raw human emotions.

Previously released "Air & Water" opens up the EP with a thumping bass line, boasting an intrepid drum pattern that instantaneously grabs the listener in. Exhibiting powerful vocals, the track also utilizes otherworldly vocal cuts to embellish the song, an intoxicating ensemble of classic bouncy house beats and innovative breaks.

Slowing down, "MDMA" showcases slightly more risque lyrics along with a more downtempo drop, almost enigmatic compared to the previous track. "Only Hurting Herself" follows the slower tempo with an ethereal twist; the beginning of the song places emphasis on the husky vocals before piano riffs welcome in their signature house sound, a melting puddle of reverberating hums and croons. In contrast, "History" exhibits a darker side to NAATIONS with its layered synths and vocal cuts. 

A favourite off the EP, "Long Time" featuring iLoveMakkonen is a futuristic 90's track, its vibe entailing nostalgia and wistful hope. The juxtaposition of male and female vocals pairs well with the lively beat, a hazy dream of infectious synths grasping at painful intimacy and vulnerability. The last track of Teardrop, "Keep It Real" is reminiscent of NAATIONS' hit track with Gorgon City "Real Love" - perhaps a continuation of the story told in the latter. Vigorous and energetic, NAATIONS' classic house sound is heard in conjunction with exquisite piano chords and twangs, wrapping up the EP with a beautiful, dance-floor ready track.

NAATIONS will be making their debut appearance at CRSSD Festival at the end of the month and will be supporting Anne-Marie on the Australian leg of her tour next month.


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