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Pop "Champagne" and toast to BLVTH

BLVTH is never one to conform, but ready to surprise and delight at each turn. Hailing from Berlin this rising star has created a visceral jam filled with a catchy angst entitled "Champagne."

His integrity as an artist has been clear to see ever since he emerged, making a musical jigsaw of sounds that are carved out of a love of many genres. Coming off a string of releases the half-Polish and half-Albanian producer/songwriter, is making a statement in the music realm. BLVTH creates rich tones and a vocal flow that is both catchy, yet introspective enough to be unique. 

For any fans of early Lincoln Park, BLVTH has the sound of Chester Bennington if he were to be the lead singer of Radiohead. "Champagne" brings a sonic experience that awakens the senses and is truly outside of the box. 

Sit Back and unwind to this rising artist, who will truly be making a splash. 

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