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Little Simz bursts back on the scene with "Offence"

Little Simz is back and better than ever. The UK artist has returned with a vengeance on the fiery new single “Offence.” It’s her first new release since her second album Stillness in Wonderland from 2016, and it shows that she is taking her music to the next level. The track is perhaps best encapsulated by one of its lyrics when Simz raps, “I said it with my chest and I don’t care who I offend.”

“Offence” is brash, raw, and urgent in all the best ways. Simz opts for live instrumentation instead of programmed sounds that results in a grittier sonic aesthetic that skillfully matches her unapologetic lyrics. The edgy drum breaks, distorted bass, and ethereal flute lines give the song the feel of old school protest music. The only targets of this track, however, are the less intelligent among us who might still doubt Simz’s abilities. In one of her more cutting lines, she writes, “You can talk bad all day long, I will never be impressed / dunno what I did to make you feel that you be earnin’ my respect.”

Anyone who has been following Simz’ still young career knows that she is the real deal, and “Offence” offers a tantalizing preview of what’s next for the MC. It may be only one song, but the use of live instruments, combined with Simz’s effortless flow and biting lyrics, make it difficult not to get excited for the new album.

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