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Malaa releases hard-hitting and devilishly filthy "Cash Money"

Though the identity of masked luminary Malaa may very well be concealed forever, the producer's devilishly filthy tracks still stands as avid blends of house and techno, key in his immense influence on the dance industry. "Cash Money" is his newest release and in true Malaa style, a hard-hitting banger that is absolutely dance-floor ready.

Screaming elusiveness and pure insanity, "Cash Money" strays away from his usual lower sounds to a frantic, eclectic mix of scratching and drum'n'bass influences. From the ominous build-up to the drop, Malaa expertly weaves an experimental story rooted in dark techno - turbulent yet grounding in progression. Reminiscent of a warehouse rave sound, "Cash Money" is proof of Malaa's mastery of filthy production and tightly-wounded kicks and bass that incorporates his recent releases. Indeed, Malaa has shown us a little piece of his growth as a producer and is a testament to how one can amalgamate ominous, G-House sounds and eclectic techno into an electrifying hybrid.

“Cash Money” is the second single off the forthcoming Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2. Malaa will be going on his North American Illegal tour starting in October.

Illegal Tour 2018

10/11/18 – Toronto, ON – CODA – SOLD OUT
10/12/18 – Brooklyn, NY – 1896 Studios & Stages
10/13/18 – Washington, DC – Echostage
11/2/18 – Detroit, MI – Russell Industrial Center
11/3/18 – Montreal, QC – New City Gas
11/8/18 – Chicago, IL – Concord Music Hall
11/9/18 – Chicago, IL – Concord Music Hall
11/15/18 – Philadelphia, PA – Concourse
11/16/18 – Austin, TX – Ironwood Hall
11/17/18 – Dallas, TX – Canton Hall
12/8/18 – Portland, OR – 45 East
12/15/18 – Seattle, WA – SODO Lounge


Connect with Malaa: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook 

Dance · House · Techno


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