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Get cute with "Plastic" by sakehands

sakehands is an LA-based collective led by producer and songwriter Aris Maggiani. Their most recent single "Plastic" will tickle your senses with its playful production, so you might want to take a listen today. 

Released by your favorite music Youtube channel of all time Majestic Casual, "Plastic" has got that quirky internet pop and R&B sound that sounds at once new yet nostalgic, and featuring the vocal talents of singer Lo and rapper Good Intent. Sound design nerds might have fun with this one, while general listeners will probably marvel at "Plastic"'s ability to sound both kinda weird but also extremely catchy. Think along the lines of Cashmere Cat, or maybe even Sophie, with a dash of the pop sounds from the 90s. And of course, Maggiani's explanation about the song itself is pretty funny and sad too: "PLASTIC is autobiographical. I wrote it in a day cause my bank account was negative. I think it is right now actually?!"

Connect with sakehands: SoundCloud | Twitter 

90's · Electronic · Indie


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