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Always Never releases hazy visual for "Wylin'" [Video]

Toronto based Alternative R&B duo Always Never has been buzzing below the surface since 2015, which held the release of a track titled "Tragedy" and set the basis for the sonic and conceptual content of the duo's future projects. The electro-influenced R&B sound appears on various tracks on Always Never's debut self-titled album, which was released on August 24th of this year. The album included a number of previously released songs, including one of their most popular tracks, "Wylin'." The track is sonically reminiscent of  Drake and The Weeknd and is the first Always Never song to receive an accompanying music video. 

The overall atmosphere of the track is already hazy, producing an aura of late nights blurred by smoke and fog. The Kid. Studio produced visual component for "Wylin'" only serves to amplify this vibe, but elevates it to another level. The video is dark and filled with slightly ambiguous locations, with scenes cutting from a parked car in an empty lot to a nightclub setting. We see a spark form between two women in the nightclub and are then led into their drug-fueled hookup. From there, the video gets somewhat ghastly and gruesome, with allusions to an overdose and a more straightforward depiction of a murder. Viewer discretion is certainly advised. The video leaves many questions unanswered, but fades out with their track "Canadian Dubai" pouring from a car's speakers–hopefully this means the story doesn't end here.

Always Never is available now.

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