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Myles Cameron gains self-assertiveness on "Picket Fences"


Singer, songwriter Myles Cameron delivers his debut single  "Picket Fences" from the depths of his soul. Armed with a heartfelt, moody vocal tone, he shows the listener his scars, fears and hopes. He taps into his experiences as a black kid growing up in a suburban setting. Over a gloomy, mellow backdrop, he states his intentions and all the hurdles he had to go through with an emotion-laden performance enhanced with vocal effects that probably signifies his growing self-confidence. The song was inspired by Cameron's desire to feel confident in his own skin in a world where he felt isolated due to his background. he further states "...the song was hard for me to write but it serves as an assured musical ownership of who I really am." 

"Picket Fences"  is the first single off his upcoming follow-up project to his debut mixtape everwanted.

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