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Young Yosef drops funktronica jam "Bruce Lee" [Video]

Young Yosef has hit the scene with their own scrumptious brand of lo-fi funktronica. Originally from Tel Aviv, the now Berlin-based group's debut single, "Bruce Lee," has a new accompanying music video featuring all kinds of DIY charm.

It's hard not to shed light on so much neon, spandex, and scantily dressed men with big, galumphing musical talent without calling to mind Vulfpeck. But while it seems like the group takes hefty inspiration from their predecessor, they're still employing their own flamboyant creativity. The artificial falsettos, backup vocals, and swerving riffs are certainly worth your time—not to mention that bassist-to-guitarist soloing. Their coordination is impeccable, just like their facial hair.

Connect with Young Yosef: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Funk · Future Funk · Synth Pop


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