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Get to know Nordic-pop band Das Body with new single "Know My Name"

Hailing from the stark city of Oslo comes this burst of color in the form of Das Body. Carrying the torch of their Norwegian dance-pop forefathers, the lively four-piece is lighting up ears everywhere with their string of 80s-inspired synth bangers, the latest of which EARMILK is proudly premiering today! The aptly named, “Know My Name” is a perfect introduction to group’s melty melodies and cheerful melancholy.

The mid-tempo groove eases its way in with a delightfully bouncy inflection from vocalist Ellie Linden. Her delivery is both playful and persuasive, bursting with bubbly optimism enticing us along. The twinkly synths and minimalistic beat only enhance her emotional plea. Growing to a triumphant chorus complete with backing vocals and carefully placed countermelodies, we see what really makes Das Body stand out. Their genuine earnestness on display combined with elevated hooks that serve to dazzle and uplift even in the face of even the most mournful circumstance.

"Know My Name is the first song Kim and I wrote, and it became defining for our musical expression,” Linden says, “We didn't want to exclude melancholic themes from our songs - such as in this one, which is about unreciprocated love - but we also didn't want to pair that with musical sentimentality. The combo of the vocals and the synths worked perfectly for us and when we finished it we realized we were going to write albums together. Because of this, Know My Name will always be very dear to our hearts."

Stay tuned for Das Body’s debut EP which will be available everywhere September 28th via Luminelle Records.

Connect with Das Body: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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