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The Bad Dreamers creates an atmosphere of stillness and tranquility in "California Winter"

Needing music for his newest short The Offer, David Schuler was spurred to create his own songs for the film. From there, a surge of inspiration hit and The Bad Dreamers was born. Now he has just released his newest single “California Winter” and it’s definitely a triumph not to be missed. 

The synthwave, indie pop track features a feel good melody and soaring electronic beat that lifts you up, taking you to another time and place. With elements of Prince and Tears For Fears, The Bad Dreamers have a distinctive musical style that draws from various retro sounds, while still feeling extremely new and current. 

Anyone living in Los Angeles can relate to the feeling of a California winter. Schuler explains it best when he states, "California Winter is probably my favorite song on the album. I wrote it last December (2017). The song represents the feeling of losing something you may have never even had. It’s a strange time of year to be living in Los Angeles; the city assumes a strange kind of ‘calm’ and it’s the only time of year that I get the sense that anyone actually leaves."

For years he has written and produced with some really big names such as John Legend and P!nk and now he is finally able to express himself fully with astonishing, unique music that’s truly all his own.   

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