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Secret Los Angeles DJ duo, Cabrillos, wakes us up with 'Morning' grooves [EP Premiere]

Now more than ever, dance floors have become ground zero for all artistic endeavors. With the fast-paced music evolution, the innovative mixing and creation into unknown forays of the sonic landscape have become all the more important and crucial – in order to stand out from the rest. To do so, new label Club Cabrillos was launched and will stand as a home for a broad spectrum of sounds ranging from tough dance floor focused productions through to more vocal-led, crossover cuts. 

The launch of Club Cabrillos signifies a new start, as it is a platform for the new collaborative guise of two prominent Los Angeles based producers and DJs, under the name Cabrillos. The duo have decided to keep their identities hidden for the time being and allow their music to do the talking; suffice to say, both have individually been causing quite a stir in electronic music over the past few years.

EARMILK is ecstatic to exclusively premiere Cabrillos's debut EP Morning, with the official release slated for tomorrow, September 7th.

Absolutely refreshing, "Morning" leads the EP off with a weighty kick and unique organic percussion – almost orchestral in feeling. The bulbous bass tones and vacillating beats makes the track all the more infectious and groovy with its choppy hooks and vocal licks. The amalgamation of various sounds that should've otherwise not worked well together, is undoubtedly satisfying to listen to and is an intricately woven web of sonic symphony.

"Gimme" follows next, taking a direct dancefloor approach in contrast with "Morning". With robust drums, murky synth tones and vocal cuts laying the foundation, the drop is not one to disappoint and absolutely rocks the bass. Though "Gimme" is more familiar to the current scene, it resonates as a more unique take whilst maintaining a fresh new melody. 

Already, Cabrillos is making quite an impression with their fresh new tracks and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future.


Connect with Cabrillos: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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