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Finding his way in LA, Van Bobbi creates "Vicious Appetite"

A true man of mystery, Van Bobbi's suave charm and slick sound come together to create his newest soul-pop track "Vicious Appetite." 
With smooth sultry vocals and soaring synths, this dance anthem knows how to get you feeling good with it's deep pulsating beat. Though the song is upbeat, the idea behind it has a more serious message. Van Bobbi explains, "Vicious Appetite is about being trapped by the anxiety that comes with being a creative person in Los Angeles. It's like a relentless lover that keeps you up at night…and in bed all day, whispering un-sweet nothings in your ear." 

When Van Bobbi moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco, it took him a while to adjust. In a city packed with palm trees and parties, he couldn't help but feel so alone. This definitely took a toll on his self-esteem and caused his creativity to suffer. As he tried to make his way in a new city, he finally found the inspiration he needed and created the track.
Van Bobbi, with an undeniably cool, sophisticated quality, creates deep and meaningful lyrics which definitely made him a force to be reckoned with. Though influenced by artists such as Janet Jackson and Van Morrison, he has a unique, original style that's truly all his own. Check out "Vicious Appetite" above and follow him on his social links provided below.
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