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Ezra Collective team up with Jorja Smith for "Reason in Disguise"

One of the prominent groups in the burgeoning jazz scene in London, Ezra Collective, released a new single that features fellow English artist Jorja Smith. The slow-burning “Reason in Disguise” is the first release since the eclectic band’s second album last year, Juan Pablo: The Philosopher.

“Reason in Disguise” feels almost meditative as it begins with alternating harmonies over a bass pedal that give room for the group to build sonic peaks and valleys throughout the track. At its foundation, though, is the crackling, persistent drum groove from Femi Koleoso, who happens to be the drummer in Smith’s live band. The collaboration here is seamless, with Smith’s gentle, soulful vocals floating naturally over the dreamy instrumentals.

It would be a disservice to put Ezra Collective only within the realm of jazz as the group clearly takes influence from many other styles, creating something truly original. Between its poignant melodies, warm horns, and Smith’s stirring lyrics about loss in love, “Reason in Disguise” is one to remember. Here’s hoping this won’t be the last we hear of this collaboration.

Ezra Collective will be touring Europe through the month of September. Find dates here.

Connect with Ezra Collective: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Jorja Smith: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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