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Emmit Fenn is doing fine "Without You" featuring Drew Love

In late July, we saw Emmit Fenn's  “Pouring Rain” single featuring Vic Mensa soar to popularity with its immensely evocative lyrics and beat - an incredibly provocative and heartbreaking song. Now, following the footsteps of its predecessor, Emmitt is back with his second single from his The Grey Area hip-hop inspired project, featuring Drew Love who is one half of THEY.

Emmit's signature offbeat, cinematic soundscapes of indie electronica is flawlessly melded into a broader hip-hop, R&B influence. Mischievously slower in tempo, Drew commences the song with silky sultriness, with Emmit's husky hums following close behind - perfectly transitioning from one voice to the other, like the ebbs and flows of the ocean tide. The intricately placed piano chords, hooks listeners into the story that the duo have woven whilst adding emotionally resonant layers of depth and vulnerability. Similar to "Pounding Rain", "Without You" is instinctually mournful and heartbreaking, both crooning of a love lost; however "Without You", though it may be inherently of lost love in nature, also conveys a message of being better without the other person as they've both understood to learn from their mistakes. 

Emmit’s anticipated The Grey Area project is scheduled for October with confirmed features of Vic Mensa, Drew Love, Sylvan Lacue, Mick Jenkins and IshDARR.


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