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11 helps us "Find A Way" in this crazy world [Video]

Instead of eleven, the group 11 is in fact, made up of only two. Hailing from South London, the artistic project is comprised of James Lamb on vocals and Richard Craker as the multi-instrumentalist and producer of the duo; their soulful indie-pop-rock melodies and eclectic compositions, have made them a new force to be reckoned with. With their latest single "Find A Way" a hit, EARMILK is proud to exclusively premiere the official video - a beautiful visual take on the song.

Centering around themes of co-existence and the anxiety-driven nature of inner-city living, "Find A Way" ebbs and hums on a slow-burning, skeletal instrumental whilst Lamb’s vocals vividly document the pressures of young, urban life striving for release. The video is indeed a visceral telling of the story; cinematic, faded and grainy, people move throughout each frame with the raw intensity and vulnerability of those rising to these societal pressures. Close-up shots of hands, faces and eyes, reflect back the inner turmoil and vivid emotions they're feeling - truly evocative and personal.

Speaking on the track, James states: “I’d broken up with an ex-girlfriend of mine and wrote the song about moving forward, leaving issues in the past so that the possibility of a future isn't squandered. It's also about a solo journey of dealing with regrets, guilt and negative emotions that can't be extinguished.”

The video will be officially released tomorrow, September 7th.


Connect with 11: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



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