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Undiscovered gem in "Matcha Heaven" by Adrian Talens ft Chenji

Vancouver-based producer Adrian Talens might be a familiar face to some who dive into indie games. The talented artist has composed music for games like Polybridge, Snow Fortress and most recently Skytropolis. Since his last original release on Soundcloud three years ago, he makes his return with a melodic happy-go-lucky future bass track "Matcha Heaven". 

The single features Chenji, also a local from Vancouver who attends school at the local university, which brings the track close to home. It's always amazing to see two artists collaborate locally, it takes some aspect of what the city's genuine music culture does to a track.

"Matcha Heaven" begins with Chenji's berceuse tone, layered with classical piano and light synth notes. This track has hints of xylophone samples mixed in building up to a melodic uplifting future bass drop. Just like how the flavour of Matcha tastes to most people, the flavour of the track is cute and happy with uplifting spirits; truly brings a smile out in people. It ends with a reminiscent of baby lullaby songs.

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