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Michl contemplates fate on new single "Borrowed Time"

The L.A. based electro R&B artist Michl infuses a bit of mystery into everything he does, but that's hardly what makes him a captivating artist. His newest single "Borrowed Time," released independently, is yet another haunting and introspective look into the human experience — much like his short film datum, which came out earlier this year. 

Less is always more for Michl. While his songs tend to stay on the shorter side, his soulful vocals and lush production pack a punch. In only two minutes, "Borrowed Time" transports the listener into a dreamy contemplative world, where questions like "if we met in another way, on another day, would it all turn out the same?" are at once terrifying and beautiful — especially when they go unanswered. The introspection is only one highlight of the track, the other being the cathartic and hypnotic melody that leaves listeners wanting more. Neither Michl, nor anyone else, can really know whether or not we are living on borrowed time, but if you are going to wonder alongside anyone, it should be him. 

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Electro R&B · Electronic · Indie


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