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Funk Darker's "Sadie" is a disco tribute to the love of his life

"Sadie" is the latest track from the eclectic artist known as Funk Darker. The Minnesota native cranked up the Moog synth bass layered over neck snapping drums on this tune.

"Sadie" is a mid-tempo cut that blends funk and disco with some vocal elements reminiscent of the late Roger Troutman. His style is quite far from the norm and besides the dancefloor funkiness, the offbeat rhythm used here really makes the record stand out. Vocally, he delivers the majority of his parts using the talk box as he showers praises on his wife, for whom the song tributes. Along for the ride is an unknown female vocalist who provides some type of chorus that sounds like something straight out of the 80s.

Connect with Funk Darker: Soundcloud | Facebook 



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