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London rapper Stratz is motivating and encouraging others on “Likkle More”

Born in North London, rapper Stratz, despite his difficult upbringing, has managed to rise above and find an outlet through his music. Having lost a friend who was killed by gang violence, struggling with alcoholism and depression and just barely escaping prison, it’s amazing how these days he’s been able to stay so positive. It’s within that grateful optimism that Stratz has managed to create the ultimate summer anthem “Likkle More”, with the aim to inspire others to give a little back. The song is all about helping others anyway you can because you never know the effect it could have in the future. 

With sharp punchy percussion and a raw organic beat, Stratz’s true originality and energetic flow really make the song come alive. From the gritty urban setting to his motivational lyrics, the video provides an authentic, relatable feel that truly captures the essence of his style. He describes, “I've always had a different style and I think this is what allowed me to develop a unique sense of lyrical development and instead of adding to problems, I try to find the solution.”

Mixing his Afro-Caribbean roots with his London upbringing, this feel-good single is everything you’d want in a summer jam. 

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