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Jordan Carter serves up one of the tastiest tracks out with "Excusez-Moi"

It’s too easy to get jaded these days, especially in hip hop. It feels like there isn’t a day that goes by without some new, awful rapper breaking into the scene with a trillion plays on Spotify or SoundCloud and seemingly making a mockery of the art many of us grew up blasting on our Walkmans. However, with every awful rapper, there is an undiscovered gem pushing things in the right direction. And speaking of a dope newcomer pushing things in the right direction, feast your ears on Jordan Carter, and his latest track, “Excusez-Moi.”

“Excusez-Moi” finds Jordan Carter doing so many damn things right; it’s hard to keep track. For starters, the productions on “Excusez-Moi” frame the canvas perfectly so that Carter can swing in guns blazing with his velvety smooth flow. The instrumental is a little jazzy, but not lazy. It’s funk but not trying too hard. All in all, "Excusez-Moi" finds a perfect middle ground with enough bounce to keep your head bobbing but not so much as to distract.

Distract from what you say? Well, those snarky punch lines, of course! Some of the lines on “Excusez-Moi” are flat out unreal. He references the physical structure of the iPhone 3 and the throwback Disney classic Phil of the Future, all while sounding like Big Boi in his prime. Writing them out doesn't do them justice, you'll have to hear it for yourself to get the full effect.

Currently residing in New York and going to Columbia for his masters in Musical Theory, Carter is one to watch. When you pair a malleable and confident flow with sharp wordplay, you get a fantastic track, as evident by “Excusez-Moi.” Now the only question is, when will we be able to hear some more?

Press play on “Excusez-Moi” above and be sure to keep it locked right here on EARMILK for all your hip hop needs.


Connect with Jordan Carter: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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