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Hucci is back in the picture with hometown collaboration on “FOUNTAIN”

Just after his release of “Cafe Press” and “Dragonize" a few months ago, Olliver O”neill who goes by the name of Hucci  worked his magic again on a new collaboration “FOUNTAIN” featuring Jaya. Originally from Brighton England, Hucci quickly earned his reputation in the trap scene releasing top singles “Ball So Hard,” “Hitta VIP” and “The Fall.” In 2015, he started his own label Veyron Arche with the intent to bring the next generation of artists accompanied by him into the spotlight. With the release of “FOUNTAIN,” Hucci succeeds in crafting a masterpiece that not only satisfies a wider audience but focuses on vocals which adds to his personal touch.

By starting off with many different instrumental sounds, Hucci and Jaya allow you to take a step back and breathe into the night. Leading into the majestic vocals that are accompanied with guitar bass and water drops, the aura surrounding this track is like no other. “FOUNTAIN” leaves you wanting more of the constant flow of instrumental rhythm and soft voice which personifies the vision these artists had in the studio back home. The future is looking good for Hucci with further releases pleasing both his original trap audience and newcomers. 

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3 years ago

love it