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Minke removes herself in new music video for "25"

The music video for Minke’s newest single “25” has us reminiscing of another time; a time of fuzzy-screened camcorders, personal connection, and Fujifilm disposables. The emerging British artist removes herself to the wilderness for her first creative visual release.

Minke sings about wrestling with connection and disconnection in relationships, and the lost feeling that sometimes comes with that struggle. Setting the video in a desolate, yet beautiful desert is fitting for “25”. The frustration that is apparent in the lyrics is caused by being reliant on modern technology, such as texting or social media, to nourish personal relationships. These connections that are made oftentimes don’t feel real at all. The video features older-looking frames and cameras, presumably from a time before everyone was leaning heavily on their phones to find love. Minke, alone in the desert, is all of us when we cannot communicate with someone in a relationship - especially with someone who is not standing in front of us. 

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