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Josh Jacobson tempers his emotions on "Faded Fires"

Josh Jacobson is a man of many talents, the singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist's record "Faded Fires" packs a funky oomph that would definitely get you bopping your head.

The single serves as a solid precursor to his upcoming mixtape 'Wave' and showcases the multi-talented act's heartfelt vocal style and compelling production skills. Blending electronic and live elements, Jacobson delivers a superb slice of RnB laced with the right amounts of futuristic elements. He keeps it simple with the catchy melodies and sticks to the standard pop structure for the most part without sounding stale or unimaginative.
He is currently in the studio working on his debut album, no release date has been announced yet as the mixtape will be the first material to come out.

Connect with Josh Jacobson : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

Alternative R&B


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