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Diā’s "California Girls" is the feminist anthem needed today [Watch]

Entirely shot on an iPhone, indie folk/Baroque pop artist Diā’s video for her cover of "California Girls" is a truly stunning reinvention of the classic Beach Boys track. The video is a poetic portrait of the personal lives of five Los Angeles based dancers. Making a powerful statement as a feminist anthem, Diā’s unique visual shows there are many different versions of the “California Girl”, each original in their own way. 

The video for the California Girls cover, created by artistic entity Jessica, recruits five LA-based dancers of varying gender and sexual orientation to reframe the gaze by turning their own cameras on themselves, wherein the song transforms into a vehicle that empowers each performer to become the authors of their individual, intimate identity and experience.

With soft, warm vocals and soothing ukulele, Diā’s slowed down version of the well-known hit, gives the song a really fresh and modern twist. Being very accustomed to the ukulele, it’s something Diā used often while first experimenting with music at an early age. She says, “she would literally sit on the bathroom floor and come up with melodies.” It only seems fitting that an instrument once gifted to her by her brother, would still be so prominently featured in the type of sound she puts out today. Diā’s cinematic remake of "California Girls" is a perfect example of just that. The single is off her upcoming covers EP Lollipop set for release late summer 2018.

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