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Maya Law releases traditional jazz quartet cut of "Give Me No Love (Lost)"

Maya Law, a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Norwich, has just released "Give Me No Love (Lost)." It's an acoustic reimagining of the artist's nu-jazz track. However, this time around, Chris Cooper (of the Chris Cooper Trio) has arranged the track for a traditional jazz quartet. The final product is a remarkable showcase of Law's soulful vocals.

The contrast between this track and the original electroacoustic cut is incredibly stark. What was once a kind of addictive downtempo, featuring looped trumpets and upright bass, has been transformed into Chet Baker-era cool jazz. The subtle tumble of the cymbals, the playfulness of the brass, the full-bodied authority of the piano—the track's acoustics converge towards a blissful haze. Law's ruminations on betrayal, misunderstanding, and heartbreak carry an incisive intimacy. Reminiscent of a leisurely Amy Winehouse, the up and coming artist has captured our attention indefinitely. 

Connect with Maya Law: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Indie · Jazz · Neo-Soul


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