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LOYAL return to light with the glimmering 'Everything (She)'

Hailing from Brighton, UK, up-and-coming act LOYAL is back with their first single of 2018, "Everything (She)". The group’s electronic and R&B sonic echoes bring to mind the likes of the xx to James Blake. However, with this latest endeavour, the trio now find themselves piloting into deeper terrain of the dance and pop realm without losing touch of their distinct authenticity. "Everything (She)" seamlessly connects the underpinnings of the aforementioned genres as well as R&B into something both stylish and bracing.

The collective is made up of James Day, Laurence Allen, and Alex Cowan. In 2017, LOYAL dropped their 4-track debut EP, Light Up For You. This skillful effort, brimming with multifaceted arrangements and pristine productions, placed the enigmatic triad on the verge of a major breakout. With the act’s gifted ability to blend genres, the resplendent "Everything (She)" feels as if one poured elements of house music onto The 1975 with vocals emulating the likes of Rhye. Basically, the sonic resonance of LOYAL draws comparisons from some heavy hitters, but with exceptional innovation, spark, and promise to be discovered here, the threesome’s potential and early acclaim is developing at a rapid pace.

"'Everything (She)’ is our first single since ‘Light up for You.’ Towards the end of our last EP, the world we were crafting with our music was beginning to become slightly less pixelated and more defined. Maybe too defined...Our mission has always been for our words and music to tell the listener more about themselves then it tells them about us and our experiences. Who are we anyway? We are just a vessel - and we respect that what listeners may gleam from our music has potential to be far greater than our initial design. It may sound cryptic to some - but for us it's simple. With ‘Everything (She); we explore the power of our 'everything'. It may be a lover to some, a drug to others, perhaps a hero who lights your eyes when not all is going your way..." LOYAL

LOYAL will be performing live on September 21st in their hometown of Brighton, UK at Patterns.
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Alternative R&B · Electronic · Indie · Synth


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