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Lindstrøm gets us hypnotized and “Blinded By The LEDs”

‘Ethereal’ perhaps could very well be the only word concrete enough to describe Norwegian producer Lindstrøm’s contemporary disco sound. Otherworldly but familiar, his tracks weave his life experiences of gospel choirs and 60s and 70s rock and pop, into compilations of delight and musical innovation.

As the title track notes, the sounds envelop you into an almost breezy, dream-like world of LED lights - a neon-noir, Ghost in the Shell-esque vibe. Lindstrøm’s signature experimental repetitions resounds in this dream, entrancing and ever so ethereal. One can only imagine this scene: dancing, eyes closed, blue lights flickering and twisting around you, a sombre but ‘just right’ feeling. It’s a familiar scene we all know and perhaps why “Blinded By The LEDs” is the song that feels ‘just right’.

The continuous stream sans vocals allows for the imagination to run wild whilst effectively creating the aforementioned world - the endless ascent key to this space disco sound. EARMILK looks forward to future tracks from Lindstrøm.

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Disco · Electronic · Experimental · Nu-disco


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