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Somasu hosts "A Painless Death" on new track

Somasu's eerie sound is no accident, after 12 years as a poet, he moved his passion for the pen into the studio. Two years in the studio working nearly daily helped him to create a sound all his own. 

The 26 singer and rapper from London has a new track called "A Painless Death." The theme here is depression and specifically how Somasu chooses to deal with it. Coming to terms with clinical depression can be a lifelong battle full of ups and downs. This track can qualify as both. While the emotion is a somber low, the originality and effort put into the performance is a true highlight of Somasu's career. Follow Somasu below and check out the rest of his discography if you're into this sound. 

Connect to Somasu: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Dark Rap · Hip-Hop


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