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Johanna Samuels paints with the deepest blue on "Rush of Wheels"

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Johanna Samuels has just released her latest track "Rush of Wheels," and damn, you should stop reading this and go listen to it.

A lot is going right on this song but what stands out the most is Samuels delivery. The contents of "Rush of Wheels" is painfully (and yet wonderfully) melancholic. But just sad words in a song can't paint a picture in this deep and heavy shade of blue. Rather, it's Samuels drawn out notes, long pauses and varying range that drive the song deeper and deeper into your skin with every listen.

It's the tension and helplessness of Samuels' voice that makes "Rush of Wheels" such a fantastic song. Even though each verse speaks of nothing but distance, she ends those verses with a small upturn, a dose of positivity that makes it relatable and realistic.

"Rush of Wheels" is the latest single off of Samuels' forthcoming EP Have a Good One, out this week. If "Rush of Wheels" does anything for you, you'd be wise to give her EP a gander or two. 

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