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Analogue Dear & Yvette Young team up for the emotion stirring "Rivulets"

"Rivulets" is the result when you combine Dutch classical pianist Analogue Dear and San Jose-based rocker Yvette Young. The record is a cinematically inclined orchestrated post-rock bliss aimed to tease the ears.

This latest single is an emotion stirring piano-driven overture that progresses into a complex, layered musical piece that takes elements from classical and rock genres. The syncopated drums weave in and out of the combination of dissonant sounds that surround it but more importantly, the suspense-filled nature of this arrangement is highly addictive. In the end, "Rivulets" is a brilliant, explosive-sounding track to tingle the senses and a beautiful display of the musical versatility of both talented artists.  

The title "Rivulets" is a word that came to be due to Analogue Dear's aqua inspired arrangements. Young adds some perspective to the origin of the song with a short quote "…it sounds really flowy and reminds me of the constant trickling of water.”

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