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F I N K E L arises with their astral pop single "n e e d" [Video]

Electro-pop duo F I N K E L is here from a distant future with what they call "Astral influenced electropop music."  After premiering their debut single "w / o" last month, the band is back with another dose of their ethereal elixir on the new single "need" featuring. M.SORD.

Musically the duo pushes the envelope on this single with their fluidity and ethereal synthetic textures that blend with their engulfing harmonies. The record plays lightly with a serious subject as the duo question their own art from both the sonic and visual aspects. The need to fulfill other people's expectation is the main driving force here and in other to make it more palatable, they present it as a love song.

The animated video was made by director/animator  Robbie Shilstone alongside background artist Erin Soorenko.  The animation is refreshing, simple but engaging to say the least.  The video sees the duo embark on an adventure that could change their lives forever but we won't reveal the details here so hit the play button and watch it.

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Electro Soul · Indie Pop


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