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Dappa gets cozy on his latest single and video "Accustomed"

Philadelphia's Dappa's newest entry is a video for his song "Accustomed" which is a fantastic love story between two old souls in a long-term relationship. This type of contentment is something many people yearn for.

After an intro into the early stages of the relationship, Dappa details how he feels as time passes - "You're the only one I'm accustomed to, ain't no need to try nothing new, you're stuck with me and I'm stuck with you." Production is light and bouncy thanks to V-notes. The video, which is directed by Whipalo, takes an Uncle Drew treatment showing "Sugar Daddy Dap" and friends visually representing the maturity mentioned throughout this track. The final scene has Dappa coming home to his lady, holding a dog to complete his little family. Follow the links below and check out some of Dappa's older videos on his YouTube page. 

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