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GASHI delivers visual for his double release "Youtube Comments/Empty Inside" [Video]

Budding Brooklyn based act Gashi shows us how to flip negative into positive on his new release titled "Youtube Comments" and displays some heartwarming vibes on "Empty Inside."

The Africa-born artist takes a novel way to craft music on "Youtube Comments" as he takes time to reflect on real, actual comments on his Youtube page, taking the negative comments and flipping them into the song. The track shines a light on cyberbullying and the effects of the Internet and social media on one's emotions. Through these songs, GASHI shows that anyone can experience cyberbullying, but that you can persevere and overcome. "Empty Inside"  shows the artist's more melodic-driven R&B side and here he completely ditches the rapping aspect and goes full love mode. Both tracks are off his Long Story Short project which you can get here.

The visuals for both songs were directed by Shomi Patwary (A$AP Rocky, Beyonce, The Weeknd), shot in Los Angeles.  

GASHI also created a site called www.ihategashi.com where if you wrote a negative comment you can claim writing credit.

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