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LUCIANBLOMKAMP teams up with Eliott for the alluring "Doing This For You" single

LUCIANBLOMKAMP teams up with vocalist Eliott on "Doing This For You", a record of the second installment of his fascinating 3-part album Sick Of What I Don't Understand. 

"Doing This For You" is a cinematic tour de force that swirls the listener's emotions around. The layered musical arrangement is pretty mind-blowing as Elliot's passionate performance adds an extra emotional punch to the overall vibe.

The second part of the album is the axis of the record, with Lucian stating, 'Part 2 is the emotional and tonal turning point in the SOWIDU series - the initial transition from dark to light.' With tracks featuring some of Australia's most interesting artists, Lucian touches on a multitude of influences to create a truly engaging piece of work.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s third album Sick of What I Don’t Understand will be released in three parts, with Part 1 & 2 out now via Good Manners Records.

Track List:

1. Endless

2. I Lose Myself (ft. Rosebud Leach)

3. Black Dove (ft. Jace XL) 

4. Doing This For You (ft. Eliott)

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