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Zimmer shares "Landing" along with fall tour dates [Video]

French producer Zimmer is back with a cerebral slow-burner to tantalize your ear holes. After releasing his Ceremony EP, the disco house producer took some time to experiment and work in the studio. This new track "Landing" is the first of the sessions to debut and its chilled out cinematic approach is most addicting.

A personal homage for Zimmer, "Landing" nods to his father's research and work toward the recent discovery of gravitational waves. Caused by violent events in the universe, gravitational waves are basically ripples in space-time and their discovery has changed the way we're able to look at the universe.

The video for "Landing" was shot inside the European Gravitational Waves observatory in Pisa, called Virgo. Completing the gravitational wave theme and aural sci-fi feel to the track, the video complements the music with imagery inside the observatory as well as some peaceful shots of the surrounding nature. The entire package really does seem like a movie.

This fall, Zimmer will set out on a North American tour performing live, departing from his usual DJ sets. Check out the list of dates below.


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