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Hvmmingbyrd's latest single "Prisms" is a stunning tribute to the women in their lives who deserve better

A lot of things have been happening in Ireland in the past two months. With the eighth amendment repealed- making it legal for women to access abortion in their own country, "Prisms," is a hypnotic new single from producer-singer duo Hvmmingbyrd and written as "a love song for the women in our lives who deserve better."

Written after a disappointing verdict to a rape trial in Belfast, the song is unflinchingly upbeat. It's a little disco, a little experimental. A club banger with something more interesting than a pulsing beat attached, about female friendships and their importance. "Prisms" delivers an impeccable build and is a stunning new single from the duo. 

It's hard to believe this duo met in 2016—they have nailed down a sound that makes it seem as though they've been playing together for years. If you're in the area, check out their live performances, listed below:

5th July: Roisin Dubh, Galway

19th July: De Barras, Cork

29th July: Spirit Store, Dundalk

31st August: Electric Picnic, Laois

Connect with Hvmmingbyrd: TwitterSoundcloud | Website


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