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Tiger Fawn is stalked by an annoying "Little Birdie" [Video]

Orlando loop-driven empress Tiger Fawn is back with her latest experimental-tribal hybrid of a single, "Little Birdie."

Per usual, Tiger Fawn emphasizes art on all fronts. "Little Birdie"'s beat is crafted via hypnotic bells and a flat bassline that holds a steady pace, followed-up with a spacey ukulele that lays the groundwork for Dani Lacerda to croon over its spiritual vibe. The visual show Dani and company wearing masks in a forest setting, repacking a story based on Lacerda's inspiration for writing "Little Birdie."

Dani Lacerda explains,

One time, back when I was working as a bartender, I had this nasty old white man come up to me, hand me a five dollar bill and say, “Nature rewards beauty.” I’m sure this was his attempt at a compliment, but instead he made it clear that he valued my appearance over the service I had given him, a historically unfamiliar happening for women. These thoughts stuck with me and eventually inspired the writing of 'Little Birdie' and theme of its video.

In the video, Tiger Fawn is stalked and harassed by a Little Birdie who just won't stop pestering. Eventually, things head south as a birdie kills one of Tiger Fawn's forest pals, in an attempt to seek revenge for seeing through the birdie's true intent. The usual toxic male bullshit.

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