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Mungbean are all about life "Changes" on their new record

The five-person band who go by the moniker Mungbean struck a nerve with their brand of electronic influenced pop/rock music. Their latest output is a dreamy, nostalgia-inducing record titled "Changes"

The Columbus, Ohio quintet deliver a poignant message on their new record. Heavy synths layered with heavy guitars and dreamy arps create a delightful texture. Over this, the lead singer questions the choices of a somewhat deceitful individual. Delivering her message in a laid back, but emotionally laden style. Her voice blends in with the engulfing backdrop, giving a sense of both nostalgia and remorse. In addition, the arrangement is quite interesting. The quintet weave from pop elements to soft rock vibes and a tiny tinge of hip-hop on this one. But, don't let us get carried away by the ethereal background and focus on the morals here, it's all about finding balance and security in ourselves.


Connect with  Mungbean : Soundcloud | Facebook |  Instagram

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