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MRGR & Chuuwee dwell on the "Human Being" experience [Premiere]

Producer MRGR teams up with Chuuwee on this reflective new hip-hop record titled "Human Being."

After summoning the sun and Hugh Augustine on the luminous and hard-hitting  "Sunday’s Best," MRGR returns with "Human Being", a more conscious and poetic second single, in collaboration with Chuuwee. Built on a nostalgic and somewhat somber backdrop, the Sacramento MC delivers a very contemplative message with lyrics such as "...Listen all I ever want could be took away today/I keep my head toward the sky and look to live another day...". He knows life is tough and he is not here to spread doom and gloom but to remind us all to maybe take some time to stop, look, smell the roses and appreciate life.

"Human Being" is the second single from the forthcoming release of MRGR’s EP, in collaboration with U.S. underground artists, at the end of 2018.

Connect with MRGR : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with ChuuweeTwitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook

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