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Saint Mesa takes us on "Murky" search for clarity [Premiere]

Saint Mesa the Mission Viejo, California native and multi instrumentalist has a "Murky" new single that I am beyond pleased to premiere here at EARMILK. 

"Murky" is a three and a half minute tour de force that transports the listener to the mouth of a dark and dank cave, akin to the rave party from the Matrix: Reoaded, overlooking the plains of Africa on a hot summer day the kind of day when you can taste the air. There is an undeniable sense of power and wonder embedded into this track from Saint Mesa that pays off ten fold with a triumphant and emphatically massive conclusion. 

Saint Mesa opens "Murky" with an anything but innocuous vibrating string sample, a sound so full of tension that it can only be described as that moment when the thirsty wild boar lifts its snout from the river dripping water, tilts it's head to the side, and hears the faintest crunch of the plains grass from the predatory lion at long last ready to pounce. 

At about the :37 mark you can feel the wild boar give chase as the beat of the drums kick in and the vocals morph into a chanted call and response creating the formidable sense that the tribal tribunal is in session.

This tension continues to build into about the 1:50 mark when "Murky" opens up into its aforementioned triumphant and emphatically massive conclusion with a wide string melody soaring over the track much like the martial eagle surveys the land below.

After riding this high the "Murky" releases the tension to re-feature the call and response of the chorus as the pulsating drums drag you back to the Earth and the strumming of the guitar reminds you that the laws of Mother Nature are inherently "Murky" at its core. 

Saint Mesa describes "Murky" as, "the rebirth of Saint Mesa, both sonically and lyrically." 

With "Murky," Saint Mesa paints a vibrant and visceral picture of the tense and awful beauty that is nature. This single is unique, raw, uplifting, and beautiful I could not be happier to share it with you. This is exactly the kind of single we need as the Summer Solstice begins. 

Saint Mesa can be reached here: Facebook | Spotify | Apple Music | Official | YouTube | Twitter | SoundCloud

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