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Axel Mansoor shines on glistening stripped-back indie EP "Somerset"

Captivating, intimate, and raw. Axel Mansoor is a LA based artist returning with summer-baked acoustic songs in new EP Somerset. Recorded entirely in his bedroom, and also self-produced; the new Somerset EP is a wholesome series of heartfelt messages to share with loved one's.

As well as being soul-nourishing, the production is just lovely. Mansoor's voice shimmers, somewhat like a mirage from intense dry heat. And, the production on the guitar is so close we could be in the room. By the same token, these 5 songs, which are predominantly guitar and vocals, showcase the artist in his rawest form yet. The result is dreamy. The EP feels half-awake, perfect for drifting in-and-out of sleep. Somerset is an EP to serenade you in a hammock on holiday. The songs will have you reminiscing. Most importantly, it's an EP to find some solace in when the darker summer nights take hold.  

Connect with Axel Mansoor: SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook |  Twitter | Spotify



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