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Party Thieves recruit IDK for a two-minute verbal barrage in "No Time"

NY beat maker Party Thieves teams up with emcee IDK on the genre-bending bombastic jam titled "No Time."

Powered by the good folks at Lowly Palace, the producer-rapper duo deliver a scorcher of a track. At just a few minutes under the two-minute mark, IDK goes for the jugular with his spirited vocal performance. Devoid of any form of hooks or gimmicky lines, IDK pulls no punches with his graphic lyrics. On the production side, Party Thieves manipulates a myriad of quirky sounds laced with vocal modulations and a whole lot of unorthodox sound design that makes the entire affair stand out.

He further gave some insight into the incendiary track,

"In a world and a generation that moves so fast, I feel as if sometimes the attention span for music is short and people continuously want something new. I think this track encompasses that idea of bringing something new to the table musically as well as the track is less than 120 seconds. Nobody’s got time, so let’s just get to the point."

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Raw-Hop · Trap


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