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LUI HILL takes action when "Words Become Useless" [Video]

Genre-bending act LUI HILL thrill us with his new track "Words Become Useless."

The one-man band brings out the big guns on this record as he describes the process of  “allowing the simplicity of the lyrics to guide through the song, while at the same time, imagining playing in a sort of futuristic jazz-trio". Taking liberties with soft rock and soul elements, LUI HILL effortlessly crafts an engaging piece that deals with a long-distance relationship between two parties.  He further explains, "On one hand, you hang on tightly because at that moment it feels like all you have. And on the other, somehow you know you’re pursuing something that will end in disaster.”

The visual for the song is pretty cinematic and somber as we see the artist somehow entrapped in an empty loft, The video unfolds as the interaction between the two other ominous characters is highlighted and reaches a plateau of tension, hinting at an inevitable unfortunate ending to come. With helicopter lights lurking above, and a moment of flames reflected in the female character’s eyes, it’s left still unclear who is the real victim in this triad.

‘Words Become Useless’ marks the third single from LUI HILL, the neo-soul artist is due to release his debut album end of summer 2018.

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