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Emma Bale "Cuts Loose" on her latest release [Premiere]

When Emma Bale opens her mouth, beautiful vocals come through and she continues to do a fine job crafting her own bright and ethereal vocal work in each new music project. Emma has been  been steadily making a name for herself at the top of Belgium’s vibrant pop scene, now at only 18-years-old, Emma is making some changes on her sound and style. It started through finding fresh new inspiration with a new blend of Mura Masa inspired productions and powerful female vocalists like Maggie Rogers and Dua Lipa. Her latest release "Cut Loose" puts her new style on display and is out now. 

Emma shares, "The main theme for 'Cut Loose’ is transition, which in fact has a layered meaning. I’m finding myself on a crossroad in my career and I really feel this single is the start of something new. It’s about the choice in a creative process and the passage leading to it. Besides, the song’s context can also be applied to a relationship between two people. While finding yourself having a troubled connection with someone, you look for the strength to make things better" Pay attention and stream above as Emma continues to build her loyal fanbase and delight new listeners. 

Connect with Emma Bale: Facebook | Twitter 

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