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Coco Mamba reps for the go-getters on the bold single "d.r.u.g.s" [Video]

Coco Mamba is back with the visuals for her recently released single "d.r.u.g.s".

While the title may make you think the obvious, the acronym takes a deeper meaning. The Brooklyn based Coco Mamba crafts a go-getters anthem on this one and titled it "d.r.u.g.s" aka Dreams Rarely Uplift a Grown Spirit. The bouncy backdrop serves as the perfect canvass for her hustle story.  The multi-talented singer produced the song alongside Parris Pierce and Peter Arango of the Silence Killers. She adds that her personal struggles inspired the song as well "...As a recent college graduate with a surplus of student loan debt, I've often had to work shitty side jobs in order to support both myself and my craft."

The video, which was also conceptualized by Coco Mamba and directed by Lucas Alvarado Farrar, brings the message closer to home as we see her play an overworked, underpaid waitress who has to pander to entitled customers amongst other things. She pretty much showed us the plight of every fledgling indie act out there. Get the audio here

Coco Mamba's "d.r.u.g.s" is the first single off her  Neptune EP - out now on Soundcloud and  iTunes   

Connect with  Coco Mamba : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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