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Brent Butler releases new 'Lilac' EP

NYC-based artist Brent Butler has released a new EP titled, Lilac, on the heels of his releases with rock hip-hop duo The Cold Press. The first single he released, "Selective Memory," sets the tone for the entire project, connecting everything together with the theme but "Each song being entirely unique, unapologetic, and an authentic reflection of myself. I went in the studio not worrying about genres or labels, brands or blogs. This EP is for the people.." 

Butler developed his musical style with a list of influences including Linkin Park, a nostalgic band whose aesthetics he has completely mastered in his own works. He also counts Weezer as an influence and the PopDust Presents host is learning to blend this unique mix of influences so that he does not conform to a mold. The rap-rock stylings of the early 2000s are clearly felt on tracks like "Watching Me Closely," and on Lilac as a whole. 

Connect with Brent Butler: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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